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Set the Scene with Lutron Home Lighting Control

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Stunning Beauty Is Just One Touch Away

When you think of interior design, you probably think of couches, carpets, and drapes. But have you considered the effect your lighting has on the space? With a few changes to the light, your Westchester County, NY home could look completely different. That's one of the benefits of a Lutron home lighting control system. You can select and save custom lighting arrangements on your touch panel controller, then save them and return to them with a single touch. Want to find out more? Keep reading.

Flawless Beauty

Lutron lighting control combines the function of each of your fixtures into a single, comprehensive system. Turn all the lights on or off with a single touch, set timers for hands-free control, and enjoy updates on energy usage when you want them.

But the best part of a Lutron system is how beautiful the light looks. Your Lutron system allows you to dim and raise the lights in your room based on zones. Lights are grouped by zone and can be controlled independently, so you can craft elegant arrangements that highlight the best features.

Showcase the art and furniture you love or set up the perfect look for movie night with a few swipes on your controller. Once you’ve selected your look, save it as a scene and add a custom label. That way, you can make sure your room shines with flawless beauty for every occasion.

Versatile Lighting

With Lutron, you can also take advantage of tunable lighting. Tunable means that you can adjust the color temperature of the lights to match your natural circadian rhythms. The best part? The light remains clear and white, despite the changes in intensity throughout the day.

Additionally, Lutron offers much more sophisticated dimming. A traditional system dims to about one percent — useful, but often still too bright for many applications. Think about getting up for a midnight snack. Even one percent brightness can wake you up too much.

Lutron, on the other hand, dims to one-tenth of one percent. That’s a significant drop, and you can do a lot with that difference. The more elaborate dimming features help with everything from movie time to bedtime, and everything in between.

Want to learn more about how Lutron lighting control can make your property more beautiful with a single touch? Click here now!

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