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Creating The Most Reliable Smart Home Systems Since 1996

Westchester A/V  has been the premier designer and installer of the most reliable, state-of-the-art home entertainment systems throughout the tri-state area. Whether it’s a single room AV system or a full Home Automation system, we are committed to providing you with the Extraordinary. Over the past 20 years, our industry has undergone a renaissance. Under the leadership of Bob Krasne, President Westchester A/V, our company has consistently remained ahead of the curve on the latest technologies, design & installation methodologies and offering our clients access to the widest range of top quality control systems. We are proud certified members of CEDIA (The Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association), the top worldwide organization governing the premier companies in our industry and are one of only three Industry Outreach Instructors in the tri-state area registered by CEDIA to train architects & interior designers’ courses in Home Technology. 



There are few companies who are able to successfully install & maintain a high quality home entertainment system. Our custom process delivers the highest quality end solutions to our clients. Working as “Electronics Systems Architects”, our process includes:


  • Design & Engineering

  • Project Management

  • In-House Prewire & Installation

  • System Calibration

  • Customized Remote Programming

  • Client tutorials & follow up services

Our highly knowledgeable staff ensure all design elements are installed correctly and on time by:

  • Creating specifications and blueprints for projects

  • Liaising with architects, interior designers, cabinet makers and General Contractors throughout the process to assure a seamless and complete integration of all system components.

As a result, our clients are assured a smooth and efficient work flow. 

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