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Imagine a system that gives you complete control over everything inside and out, anywhere around the world. Music, Video, Lighting & Shade, Climate, Security, Energy Management, even Pool & Spa Control – all from a simple to use remote or smart device. Home Automation systems allow you to manage all of your separate sub-systems and system devices with a central control processor. For instance, your customized system will know your daily routine and automatically adjusts the climate and window shades for you. Rather than having an area on the wall cluttered with light switches, a volume control, a thermostat, and a security alarm keypad, you can have a single touch screen device which will operate all those separate systems. In addition, all of the functions can be controlled with a smart device anywhere in the world. Home Automation systems can be programmed to automate a sequence of control commands with a single button press from a remote control device which helps to make operating a complex system simple enough for everyone. And with a custom-designed Westchester AV solution, you too can enjoy the kind of convenience and peace of mind most homeowners only dream about.





The true power of your Westchester Audio Video Smart Home Automation System lies in its ability to combine the actions you want into powerful “Scenes.” For example:

  • You can have a “Good Night” button at your bedside that turns off all interior and exterior lights, lowers your thermostat, confirms security system status, and turns up hallway dimmers.

  • Imagine you’re running late leaving the office Friday. You’re having a party & your guests will be arriving at your house before you have time to set up. But you’re prepared! You had set your system to begin the “Entertain” mode at 7:30pm. As a result, the security system resets to allow the atrium doors to open, the air conditioning adjusts to accommodate extra people, lights will illuminate the exterior, appropriate hallways and rooms, the pool heater will be on and the music will be playing in four different areas.

  • Go away without worry! With one touch, you can set your home into “Vacation” mode, lighting reflects a “lived in” look, the temperature is set to energy-saving, and exterior lights to come on after dark.

  • Take the guesswork out of setting your outdoor lighting. Our systems can activate your walkway lights, flood lights, entryway and driveway lights at just the right time of day. As the seasons and the astronomical clock changes, your system “knows” whether to turn on your lights earlier or later. Your Westchester Audio Video-designed home even accounts for daylight savings time!

For more information or to get started today, call us at (914) 921-0099.

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