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What happens when you bring all your party guests over for some grilling, swimming and r&r, but the music system & TVs are all in the house?! Outdoor entertainment systems are popular, and very practical. They bring a lot of ROI in terms of enjoyment.


Getting the Best Sound


Let’s start with speakers. Fill your outdoor space with quality outdoor speakers. There’s a variety of styles available, from in-wall/in-ceiling models (good for lanais and covered patios), wall- mountable models (popular for hanging under a home’s eaves) to rock-shaped speakers and even in-ground speakers. Speaker placement in a backyard or outdoor space can be trickier than in a living room or home theater. Outside sound travels and can either travel far, into the yard next door, or not far enough so you may only get sound in localized spots. 

Discreet outdoor speakers circled in white. Click to see full image

Placement really needs to be carefully planned. Even sound dispersion is critical. Multiple audio zones can be very helpful, even in outdoor spaces that aren’t very big. There could be separate areas like a cooking/BBQ area, Pool, and maybe a pergola (which includes an outdoor TV). Now this entire yard could easily be filled with sound all at once, but what happens when not everyone wants to hear the music at the same level? With Westchester A/V's system, kids in the pool can turn up the volume to play over their own screaming, while the people at the BBQ or pergola can tone it down to conversational levels.

All Weather TV

Today’s outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the rigors of the outside. These TVs are weather resistant, which means you don’t need to worry about rain and snow. Even if your patio is covered, it only takes a little rain blown in by wind or a squirt of a hose by the gardener to ruin a standard TV. High humidity can also be damaging to a regular TV that’s not built to withstand the elements. Aside from getting the right TVs, placement is an important factor. When you’re outside you have the sun to deal with, and the sun’s position changes throughout the day. We almost always put outdoor TVs on articulating mounts. Just like in home theaters, screen size is a factor. With an outdoor TV, viewers are often further away from the screen than they would be indoors so anything smaller than a 46-inch TV is probably too small.

For more information or to get started today, call us at (914) 921-0099.

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