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Automated lighting & shade control systems give homeowners total control over the way their home appears at all times, from the inside out and these systems are now more affordable than ever.



Westchester A/V Design can integrate lighting control systems in any home. Whether it’s movie night, an intimate dinner for two, a business party or a quiet Sunday brunch, when you want to set the perfect scene our lighting control systems help you easily establish the mood.

Smart “Vacation” settings: Go away without worry. With one touch, you can set lighting to reflect a “lived in” look, and set exterior lights to come on after dark. For an added layer of security, your Westchester Audio Video Lighting Control system can even remember every lighting action you perform over a 2- week period and play those actions back during the 2 weeks you’re away!

Just Right Outdoor Lights: Take the guesswork out of setting your outdoor lighting every night. Let Westchester Audio Video Design do it for you. Our system can activate your walkway lights, flood lights, entryway and driveway lights at just the right time of day. As the seasons change, your system “knows” whether to turn on your lights earlier or later. Your Westchester Audio Video-designed home even accounts for daylight savings time!

Total Home Control: Imagine being able to turn off all the lights at night – Families with kids love Lighting Control systems!

Added Security For Your Home: A simple touch of a bedside keypad brings exterior illumination to full brightness. If your home automation security system is triggered by a break-in or fire, the exterior lights can flash, providing a visual reference for neighbors or emergency services to easily find your house.




Unlike most dealers, Westchester Audio Video Design is one of the few electronics integrators who provides in house installation & programming for Motorized Shades. We are proud, certified dealers for Lutron & Crestron, allowing us the widest platform to integrate them into whole house automation systems. There are many advantages in incorporating Shading Control in your plans & many different options to achieve the perfect solution for your home. The control of natural light is a critical element in any design & a motorized shading system allows total control. There are times when the sun is overpowering, resulting in glare, brightness, heat gain, and fading of flooring, furniture and artwork. Motorized Shades protects your rugs, furniture and antiques from the harmful rays of the sun. 

In Addition, Motorized Shades Offers: 

Convenience: Manually raising and lowering a shade is easy enough, but what if the shade is very large or heavy? And how about two, three, four, or more shades? With an automated shading system, sunlight is controlled with the push of a button, saving you time and effort. In addition, Motorized shades are the perfect choice for large windows, skylights, even windows that are blocked by furniture.

Security & Peace of Mind: Automated Shades can be programmed to operate while you’re away—that will discourage any potential thief & provide additional protection. Motorized shades can employ timers to raise and lower window treatments at preset times, whether you’re home or away.

Energy Savings & Conservation: Accumulated heat from uncontrolled sunlight is a major burden on air conditioning. Preset timers on your electric shades block sun and reduce heat buildup automatically, eliminating the need to remember to lower shades.

Child Safety: Beyond aesthetics, injury and death from entanglement in shade control cords is a very real concern. The best solution is to eliminate cords, made possible by motorized shades. Automated shade systems can even operate on a timer customized to your child’s sleeping habits.

Reduced Wear & Tear: Tangling, knotting, and “unfamiliar user” abuse of shades are the most common causes of service calls. Control mechanisms on manual shades can be costly to repair or replace. Automated window treatments allow for easy, cordless operation—a more cost-effective choice for the long-term.

For more information or to get started today, call us at (914) 921-0099.

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