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How Strong is Your Home Network?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Learn Why a Professional Installation is a Must for Your Living Space

Dealing with buffering video screens and technical glitches while using your tablets and smartphones can cause quite a hassle. Don’t let a poor internet connection ruin your movie night with friends and family.

That’s why a proper home network installation is a must for your Fairfield County, CT living space. Let our team of experts provide our excellent home network services and ensure that your smart technology and systems run without a hitch — and that your personal data is always safe and secure.

Why a Home Network Upgrade is Crucial

From streaming movies on Netflix to having multiple internet browser tabs open at once to playing a video game in the media room — you and your family no doubt use a lot of smart technologies and devices in your house throughout the day and night.

And when your home network is weak, you’ll find yourself staring at webpages or video screens taking forever to load. Low bandwidth and poor Wi-Fi connection from your internet provider mean that your network isn’t able to handle the space that all your smart systems and features take up in your home. So, what can be done?

A Professional Upgrade and Installation

When you entrust the professional team at Westchester Audio/Video Design Group with your installation, you’ll see a myriad of benefits. Your computer network is the most important system in your home. From powering all your devices to streaming content to keeping your automated systems running, network performance and reliability is paramount. Yes, internet service providers can deliver fast speeds to your home, but they don't support performance inside your home. Their equipment is designed for small networks, which means only a few devices can work effectively without some kind of expansion. That is where we come in.

In addition to ensuring network performance, we also can expand the Wi-Fi of larger homes. We are proud to have the most extensive networking products in the area, being dealers of Pakedge, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Araknis, Access Networks, Apple, Luxul, and many others.

Don't be fooled by marketing from local cable companies and service providers. Even these "advanced" internet packages significantly reduce speed by using poor equipment. Many customers experience as much as 50 percent less speed than advertised. In addition, the products offered are mediocre at best. Off the shelf wireless routers cannot support the demand of today’s usage and often need to be rebooted. That speed is slowed even further when different devices fight for the network. By the time the network picks up your devices, 10-20 percent of the speed may be all you’ll get. That's simply unacceptable, which is why you need a professional solution.

The Results

Once we’ve strengthened your home network, you’ll never have to wonder if your smart technologies and AV systems and setups will have glitches throughout the day. There will be zero hiccups while playing a movie or show, or looking up something on your laptop.

A strong network also means top-notch protection for your personal data and information. With built-in firewalls and well-defended connections, your network system can prevent identity theft and other stolen valuable data from you and your family. Sleep soundly at night knowing that everything is safe and protected.

Want to learn more about our home network services? Our team will be with you every step of the way of an installation and can answer all of your questions and address any concerns.

Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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