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The Keys to a Modern and Sleek Smart Home Design

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

How Builders and Architects can Elegantly Integrate Smart Technologies

As a builder or architect, do you find that your clients are looking for the sleekest and most modern home designs while still incorporating smart technology? You might feel that those two concepts don’t merge well together. Smart tech serves for functionality, while interior design is a homeowner’s personal style.

But your Westchester County, NY clients won’t have to sacrifice their taste for practicality. In this blog, we’ve listed out the best ways to combine design with smart home automation and control.

Keep reading below as we go through the best smart technologies that inspire elegance and high performance.

AV System That Blends In

When you combine top-quality audio video features together to create a centralized entertainment system setup, your clients will still be able to maintain a living or great room’s design.

TVs can produce vividly bright images and media, but only when they’re in use. When they’re not, they can blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. Mirror TVs effectively provide the same concealment, while also making the room appear larger and adding sophistication to any space. TV’s can even be concealed behind beautiful artwork with decorative art frames. Samsung’s new Frame TVs can show off artwork or pictures when the TV is turned off.

Bookshelf or cabinet speakers are small and can fit inside furniture or on top of counters, taking up minimal space — while delivering unparalleled audio. Recessed in-ceiling or in-wall speakers provide a minimalist look with a barely-noticeable cover over them as the only evidence they’re there. Even invisible recessed speakers that cannot be seen are available.

When your homeowner’s press a button, they can control the TV or reveal it from its concealed state and turn on the speakers. Now your clients can enjoy any film, show, or music when they want, while never fearing that their home’s design is being impeded upon.

Hidden smart technology gives your clients the ability to enjoy their AV system when they desire, and a preferred design plan that you can stick to.

Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting systems and motorized window treatments are fantastic for adding comfort and convenience to daily life and routine. But can both these solutions lessen a room’s design setup?

With these smart features, they do not only merge nicely with existing décor — they can also enhance it.

There are endless fabrics, styles, and patterns to choose from for motorized shades, and dual shading lets homeowners pick two different sets of shades and bring two styles together.

Blackout shades are ideal for when a movie is about to start, or if someone wants to nap during the middle of the day. But they don’t look so well with the rest of a room’s decoration and design.

That’s why pairing them with a colorful, sheer shade that matches a space works well. So then, the blackout shades need only come down when required, and the other shades will remain the rest of the time.

Lighting control also elevates a living space and property — including the outdoors. Wall sconces and spotlights can highlight specific works of art, valuables, and any other mementos your clients wish. Landscape lighting can illuminate a home in the very best light, and boost curb appeal while also providing an added layer of security.

These smart technologies are not just beneficial to a homeowner but will also improve their smart home design in many ways. Want to learn more about these solutions? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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